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Fitness Classes & Exercise Programs for Adults

In addition to our regular adult fitness classes, we offer various workshops each season depending on the needs of our members. Registration is required, which ensures smaller group sizes, and of course encourages accountability on your part! A nominal fee is also required for most of the workshops, as indicated below. Call or visit your YMCA Location for details on dates and cost for each workshop.

Adult Fitness Classes for All Ability Levels | Barrie YMCA

A 10 week registered program with resources to help you develop a healthy, active lifestyle. Balancing both nutrition & fitness components in a fun, manageable way.

This program promotes fitness and self-confidence, building strength, cardiovascular conditioning and enhancing motor skills. Suitable for all fitness levels.

A 6 week program including practical information to help increase your energy & performance, as well as manage your weight with nutrition goals promoting lifelong health.

LeHIIT is the complete approach to interval training using Equalizer bars coupled with high energy music and tabata inspired intervals to build: Strength, Speed, Agility.  Suitable for all fitness levels & abilities.

Suitable for advanced fitness levels and abilities.

Escape from all the hustle and bustle of your everyday life as we experience a variety of mindful exercises as well as explore the benefits of living in the present moment.

This ‘mat work’ workshop focuses on strengthening your core, as well as increasing flexibility and endurance. Pilates is also a great way to increase strength, improve posture and coordination, and synchronize mind & body.

‘A new yoga’ originating in China. Qi Gong helps to strengthen the mind and body while building muscular strength, endurance and suppleness.  Participants will learn how to cultivate and manage Qi energy (vital life force).

T.I.M.E (Included in membership, Non Member fee $50 for 12 weeks)
TIME – Together in Movement and Exercise. If you live with mobility challenges due to stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s, MS or other conditions, T.I.M.E can help you improve your: Fitness, balance, confidence and energy.