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Fitness Classes & Exercise Programs for Adults

The YMCA offers fun and informative workshops that will provide an opportunity for members to try new and exciting fitness programs. Watch local information boards to check out new fitness programs for adults. Whether your goal is to increase strength and endurance, lose weight or stay active, joining a group is a great way to help keep you on track towards reaching your personal fitness goals.

Adult Fitness Classes for All Ability Levels | Collingwood YMCA

This hour of power pairs dynamic music and a motivating group atmosphere to get your heart rate up, make you sweat and push you to a personal best! Combining traditional strength exercises with barbells, weight plates and your own body weight, you will be fitter and stronger and one step closer towards reaching your goals.

Drop-in Fitness Classes for Adults
Drop-in Cardio Group Fitness Classes for Adults

A high intensity, low choreography body conditioning class that works both strength and stamina. This class is a dynamic and challenging workout combining cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance exercises.

This class begins with an intense cardio workout, incorporating power, coordination and endurance moves. Cardio Kick is an amazing interval workout that combines cardio, basic boxing and modified martial arts kicks. Classes will conclude with a relaxing stretch.

Group Cycle is a great cardio workout appropriate for all fitness levels. Participants are able to adjust their workout to match their individual fitness level.

Hi-Lo involves motivating music as well as a balance of choreographed and athletic patterns. Participants have the option of performing the movements at a low impact or high impact level.

Zumba is a spicy new program that combines Latin and international music with hot dance steps.

A fitness class including cardiovascular and muscle conditioning exercises for older adults as well as younger participants who are looking for a moderately paced workout.

This is an effective class focusing on abdominal and back strengthening exercises.

A strength training class using the Gravity Training system. This workout has the function for incline plane and gravity resistance for a full body workout kick starting your metabolism and helping you meet your goals.

An efficient high energy class providing the best of step cardio followed by muscle, stretch and relaxation components.

This ‘mat work’ class focuses on strengthening your core, as well as increasing your flexibility and endurance. Pilates is also a great way to increasing flexibility and strength, improving posture and coordination and synchronizing mind and body.

Through postures, meditation and breathing exercises, you will learn to bring yourself to a peaceful frame of mind. Improved strength and flexibility are the physical benefits of practicing yoga.

Adult Fitness Programs (Registration required)

Get enlisted to serve in one of our seasonal Boot Camps. This workshop will be a dynamic and challenging workout combining cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance exercises. Boot Camp options may include Basic Training for Beginners, Resolution Boot Camp and Beach Blanket Boot Camp.

Running Programs for Adults

You’ve always wanted to run but haven’t known where to start. Now here’s a program that will teach you about running, nutrition, goal setting, injury prevention, pacing and much more. Join a group of people and get on track.