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Senior Swimming Programs Collingwood – Older Adult Aquatic

Programs offered by the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka vary by session and location. See current program schedule for availability and class times.

Swimming is a fantastic way for seniors to improve heart health and strengthen muscles without causing impact to the joints. Collingwood YMCA swimming programs for seniors are geared to provide you with a comfortable experience and the opportunity to reach your personal fitness goals while working at your own pace.


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This low impact total body workout takes place in the shallow water and includes aerobic and muscle conditioning exercises. (Hydro fit dumbbells may be used.)


This combination aerobic and muscle conditioning class takes place in the shallow and deep water. Flotation belts will be used for the deep water portion of the class. (Hydro fit dumbbells may be used.)


This swim class takes place in the deep water (participants are welcome to remain in shallow water) using flotation belts. Deep water offers a weightless environment with no impact on the joints. This is a great workout for the whole body especially the abdominal and back muscles. (Hydro fit dumbbells may be used.)


Aqua Yoga is a unique series of exercises that combines the therapeutic and buoyant nature of water with the energizing and harmonizing effect of yoga. Many aqua yoga exercises are classical yoga postures adapted to water.


Strengthen and stretch in this shallow water workout. Great for rehab and strengthening.


Masters Swim Club creates a fun, social environment for those looking to improve their swim strokes and general conditioning. Participants should be able to comfortably swim one length.


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