Collingwood YMCA - Family Rates | YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka

Adult Couple 18+yrs
Adult Only Couple
Senior Couple 60+yrs
Adult Only Senior Couple
1 Parent Family
2 Parent Family
1 Parent Family Adult Only
2 Parent Family Adult Only
$90.65 / Month
$108.00 / Month
$78.30 / Month
$100.00 / Month
$70.00 / Month
$108.00 / Month
$82.00 / Month
$130.00 / Month


*All Prices subject to change

A General Membership provides access to our general adult locker rooms, which include locker facilities, showers, washrooms and change area. Towel service can be rented at an additional fee.

An Adult Only membership provides card access to a private Adult Only change room. Adult Only change rooms may include towel service and sauna.

Both memberships provide the same access to our quality drop-in programs and services at no additional fee.

Above fees subject to 13% HST where applicable. The Building Fund Fee is a onetime contribution used for maintenance and improvements of our facilities through renovations and refurbishment. This is a one-time contribution of $75.00 for all new Adult members, provided membership does not lapse for more than six months.

Note: Only one fee per family/couple.

Membership Assistance
No one is ever refused a YMCA membership due to an inability to pay the full fee. Please ask our staff for details.