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Marketing Maturity: Tips from YMCA Employment Services

July 30th, 2014 by KarenF

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Are you a mature person who is looking for work? If so, you’re not alone.

Many Baby Boomers are looking for work these days for a variety of reasons:

  • As a main source of income
  • To supplement retirement income
  • To keep busy and ward off boredom
  • Because of their passion for the work they do

Couple your reasoning with this challenging economy, and it can be difficult to find fulfilling employment. There is an increasing proportion of the Canadian workforce that is between 50 – 65 years of age and this age group now represents over 40% of the population.

Marketing yourself in middle age

Marketing yourself in middle age may seem difficult, but don’t despair. Workers of your age have lots of fantastic skills and attributes to offer employers!

First, let’s explore some myths about older workers:

“She will make younger managers uncomfortable” or“he is over-qualified for the job.”

The truth is, the expertise and teamwork skills that older workers have developed can contribute to making younger managers more successful.  An older worker can usually step right up to the job with little training.

Here’s yet another myth: “he doesn’t have the formal credentials and therefore is not qualified.”

The reality is Baby Boomers offer extensive experience, hands-on knowledge and balanced judgment, which is more valuable than textbook learning.

Advice for employers hiring mature workers

If you are an employer who thinks mature workers will not project a dynamic image of a business, think again!  Today’s mature crowd is healthier, younger looking and more active than previous generations.

Mature workers are able to communicate verbally and in writing, clearly and effectively. The older demographic has also proven to be an extremely dedicated workforce who is productive and efficient. This fact leads to cost savings for the employer.

So Baby Boomers, as you venture out in search of meaningful employment, keep in mind how much you have to offer and be proud of your accomplishments. And for any reluctant employers out there, give a Boomer a chance — we bet you will be pleasantly surprised!

To learn more about YMCA Employment Services or find a location near you, visit our website.

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