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Frequently-Asked Questions About Donations to the YMCA

Can I donate an item instead of money to the YMCA?

A “gift-in-kind” (GIK) is a donation of a product (ie. basketballs, furniture, gift certificates). The YMCA should only accept a GIK if the product is needed and in good condition. The YMCA has the right to not accept a gift, especially if financial implications may burden the YMCA to maintain, sell or remove the item. A receipt will only be issued if Fair Market Value of the item can be determined and in some cases other restrictions apply. If the YMCA is unable to accept the item you have, you may consider visiting Gift It, a platform that provides a way for you to easily sell your item online and have all the proceeds flow directly to the charity of your choice, including the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka.

Can I give a donation of services to the YMCA?

A gift of services can be given to a charity (ie. a cleaner may donate their time to clean a program area to save the YMCA costs), but in order to receive a charitable tax receipt the service provider must participate in a ‘cheque swap’ process: the service provider issues an invoice for the services, the YMCA pays the invoice, and the service provider donates the paid amount as a charitable gift. This creates a paper trail required by the Canada Revenue Agency for receipting gifts of services.

Can I donate to the YMCA in my will?

Yes, the YMCA accepts bequests, gifts of life insurance, stocks and securities. Please speak to your financial advisor to ensure the type of gift is right for you. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any of these opportunities.

Can I donate toward something other than membership assistance?

The YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka provides over $1 million in charitable financial assistance to families every year, while our fundraising efforts currently make up only half of this amount. The YMCA’s fundraising efforts focus on closing this financial gap in order to best serve our participants, and keep our promise of never turning anyone away for financial reasons. Special fundraising projects are available on occasion. Please contact the Philanthropy staff team if you are interested in supporting a unique project.

Can I hold my own fundraiser for the YMCA?

Yes! Community events, company fundraisers and family or individual efforts to help raise funds are appreciated. Raise awareness and funds for the YMCA by organizing an event in your community, like a birthday party, bake sale, car wash or activity. Please speak with the Philanthropy staff team to see how we can support your effort.

Why didn’t I get a tax receipt for my gift to the YMCA?

Tax receipts are produced for donations over $20, unless otherwise requested. Canada Revenue Agency rules say if you received something in return for your gift, like registration in a tournament, an item, or advertising, a receipt will not be issued. For this reason, event registrations, sponsorship, product sales, etc. do not qualify for charitable tax receipts. Please contact the Philanthropy staff team for further details on this.