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Get Moving at Work

January 23rd, 2014 by wptest

Most of us lead such busy lives; making some “me-time” is normally the first thing to be scratched off the list of things to do. If you find that you haven’t been able to make it to the gym as often as you’d like, here a few tips to get up and get moving during the day:

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    Stand up! Just standing up and moving around can have a positive impact on your health. Breaking up your sitting time reduces the metabolic risk that comes from low energy expenditure. Something as simple as standing up to stretch your legs and getting a glass of water can make a big difference.

  • Long commute? Sitting in the car for long periods can take its toll in adding sedentary time to our day. Consider changing your parking routine and pick a parking lot that requires you to walk to and from your car. Think of the farthest parking spot as the best one in the lot.

  • Turn off the TV. These words may be hard to hear, especially after a long day. Instead of falling into a routine of evening TV, only watch the shows you really enjoy; don’t watch TV just because it’s there. Set a time limit for yourself and stick to it. Not only will you break up sedentary time, but you’ll free up time for something active and social.

  • Give yourself a time out! Set the built-in alarm on your computer to go off on the hour as a reminder to get up from your chair. You might need the reminder at first, but getting up and moving regularly will quickly become habit.

  • Make your next meeting mobile. If you are having a face-to-face meeting at work with one other person, consider making it a walking meeting. Go for a stroll together while you talk shop.

By combining physical activity with a reduction in the time spent sitting, we can make the move to healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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