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Meet Your Group Power Instructors at MyY Gravenhurst

November 4th, 2014 by wptest

Group Power is here! Learn more about the class and meet your instructors that will be leading classes at the YMCA in Gravenhurst.


Tara is sharing what she loves about Group Power at the Gravenhurst Y.

My name is Tara and I have been working for the Y for almost 12 years. Fitness and recreation have always been a passion for me and the Y has given me the opportunity to do what I love. When I first saw Group Power I was skeptical, but after speaking with the MOSSA team and taking a class, I was hooked!

The time and attention that is put into the development of each release is phenomenal — the music, exercises and challenging progressions… amazing!  Exercises that are commonly seen in the wellness centre you will rep out in Group Power. I think the best thing about this class is that it is designed for any level of exerciser. Whether you are new to the gym or have been exercising for years, you will be challenged to reach your own personal best — talk about results!


Meet Wendy, a YMCA volunteer and Group Power fitness instructor.

I have had the pleasure of volunteering with the YMCA in Gravenhurst since May of 2014. As a member of the YMCA, I always feel welcomed and motivated to enjoy all the opportunities offered to improve my personal fitness level. As a volunteer I am now able to contribute to this wonderful tradition at the YMCA.

Through Group Power I have found terrific success in my overall physical strength, safe and quick results in weight loss and muscle tone. I look forward to helping others discover the same experience respective to their personal goals.

The music and program are motivating, fun, safe and effective. You will feel terrific after the class! Such a feeling of accomplishment! It’s the most fun you will have strength training in a group setting. Group Power offers such a winning combination; I am very excited to see Group Power take its position amongst all the many wonderful programs offered at the YMCA.


I have been with MyY Gravenhurst for almost 2 years, but I started out in the North Bay Y about 20 years ago. Weights have always been my passion. Group Power will kick you into gear. It is a full body workout with non-stop action. By keeping your heart rate up, you burn mega calories.


My Name is Brittany Morrison and I have had a passion for fitness and health for years now. I just graduated the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Durham College and I am ready to jump right into the swing of things in the fitness field.

I got involved with volunteering at MyY Gravenhurst teaching Group Power, which was one of my biggest goals, and I am on my way to joining the staff, which I am very excited about. I am just starting to volunteer and it feels great!

Group Power is a very fast-paced class, and it is exactly the type of workout I love, which is why it is so great that I get to teach it! It is a high intensity, muscular conditioning class, which is suitable for anyone! There are tons of benefits when it comes to Group Power. You burn a lot of calories, it’s a full body workout in only one hour, suitable for almost anyone, intense, and high energy. Plus, it’s fun!

I am so happy I get to be a part of Group Power, and I am so excited to start teaching more often!


Marilyn will be leading Group Power classes at the YMCA in Orillia and Gravenhurst.

Marilyn started with the YMCA as a volunteer fitness instructor. She volunteered for over 14 years and in that time became certified to teach all the fitness classes.

“The Y offered me many opportunities for training and development and personal growth. How awesome is that?!”

Marilyn took her career to the next step by taking on a part-time Adult Fitness Leader position, then an Interim Supervisor position at the Barrie Y, and is currently the Supervisor of Adult Fitness at both the Gravenhurst and Orillia YMCAs. Marilyn’s latest challenge has been instructing Group Power.

I love Group Power! I’ve been practicing and teaching Group Power since the beginning of September 2014 and I can feel my muscles getting stronger. The participants are amazing, they come out, they try hard, they push, they succeed and best of all, they come back! Try it, do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Try Group Power at the Gravenhurst YMCA today!

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