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Portion Size: The Ultimate Plateau Buster

March 19th, 2014 by wptest

Daily exercise and smaller portions can help you achieve weight loss goals.

Hitting a wall on your journey to better health and fitness is natural: sometimes, no matter how well we stick to our workouts at MyY Gravenhurst, we are faced with plateaus to bust through. Luckily, there are solutions! Did you know that by making small changes to your diet, you can get closer to achieving your goals? It can be as simple as looking at the size of your dinner plate.

Your diet might not be working in your favour for a few reasons. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How big is my dinner plate? Studies have shown that the size of your plate correlates to portion size. The bigger the plate, the bigger the meal. Pick a smaller plate that limits how much you can fit on it.

  • How often do I eat out of the packaging? Think of eating a bag of chips: it can be a mindless activity that sometimes leads us to overeat. Dividing food into smaller portions by using bowls or plates can ensure we are aware of the portion size we’re putting into our bodies.

  • Do I know the difference between serving size and portion size? They sound similar, but they’re actually quite different. A “serving” is the size recommended by an agency like Health Canada. A “portion” is the amount of food you choose to eat at any one sitting, which might equal more or less than the recommended serving. It’s important to know the difference, especially when reading menus at restaurants.

  • Do I need help determining what and how much to eat? If you aren’t sure how big a serving should be, check out the Canada Food Guide.

  • Do I wait before indulging in a second helping? It takes about 20 minutes for our brains to communicate to our stomachs that we are full. Before going back for seconds, take a break. You will likely find that after 10-20 minutes, your stomach is satisfied.

Tweaking the portion sizes in your diet is a great way to demonstrate that incorporating small changes can give you big results. As always, making time for daily physical activity is key to healthiness and fitness. Looking for a new class to try? We have Gravity, Pilates, Boot Camp and Yoga available in Gravenhurst. Check out the MyY Gravenhurst program schedules for more classes and scheduled time.

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