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 Swim-a-thon - How many laps can you swim continuously? 7am-12pm

 Yoga (adult & Family) - 7am adult yoga led by our finest. 8am yoga with a partner (spouse or child) 7am-12pm

 Spin-a-thon - Challenge yourself to ride from 1 - 5 hrs (small breaks between hrs) 7am-12pm

 Swim-a-thon - YMCA level Swimmer & Above encouraged to swim as long as they can. 9am-12pm

 Float-a-thon - 5-1 hr sessions focused on survival skills for little ones up to Dolphin level. 9am-12pm

 Aquathon - Theme based - fun filled Aquafit. 12pm-2pm

 Zumba - Shake your hips & move your feet! 12:30-2:30pm

 Walkathon - How many laps can you walk? 7am-12pm

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