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The Importance of Active Recovery

Active Recovery What is it Anyway? I often hear people scheduling fitness into their week with a dedicated day, leg day, back day, cardio day, rest day etc. In an effort to better understand the days of our fit lives, I did a little research and found that “Rest Day” was by far the most […]

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YMCA Employment Services: Finding the Right Job for You

If you’re unemployed, feeling anxious and uncertain about your future, you’re not alone! It can feel daunting sitting at home staring at the computer screen, sorting through hundreds of postings on local job boards. Once you find a few postings that seem like a possible fit, you tweak your resume, write a new cover letter […]

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New Year’s Resolutions: 7 ways you can stick to your 2017 Fitness Goals

According to Twitter Canada, the top resolutions for 2016 were working out more and losing weight. A new addition to the top resolutions was reducing stress, something that the first two can assist with. This means we should be taking some time to focus on relaxing and taking care of ourselves. So how do you […]

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Tips for Stay Fit During the Holidays

STAYING FIT DURING THE HOLIDAYS The holidays are a time when routines get thrown out the window, including the time we spend being active and eating healthy. With all the stress and extra calories we consume during this time of year, it’s important not to get derailed from our efforts to stay active and healthy. […]

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