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The 2014 Olympics Inspired me to Join MyY

Darryl drives home with you every day on Kool FM. Home-grown in Innisfil, he is also the voice of the Barrie Colts. Darryl recently joined the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka and will be sharing his MyY experiences through this blog.


Following Canada’s successful run at the 2014 Winter Olympics you may have found that our athletes provided you with some inspiration to become more active. This is certainly the case for me.

My wife & I just signed up for health and fitness memberships at the Barrie YMCA, and we quickly learned it’s a decision that will be a huge benefit…

How can I fit this into my busy work/family schedule? This was the first thing on my mind… The Y has a massive variety of programs geared towards what you want to accomplish and all at different times throughout the day.

A few days/weeks at the Y and I will be able to increase strength, lose weight, increase energy, clear your mind, and the list goes on. As a benefit to membership, child minding is available at different centres and times throughout the week.

My favorite part is their FItLinxx activity tracking system at the YMCA. Whether I’m on the treadmill, rowing machine or the elliptical, once I type my pin number into the machine, it tracks every detail about my workout. I can even include activities away from the gym, like walking or playing hockey. This allows me to monitor how I am benefiting from each workout and to maximize the muscles you’re working.

It seemed like a lot to take in and slightly intimidating at first, but once I connected with a wellness coach; I realized the Y was there for me. As a part of my new membership, I was able to get personable guidance from an experienced coach. The coach provided guidance on the machines and the programs and classes available that would best suit me and my goals.

The YMCA has 8 health & fitness locations around Simcoe/Muskoka and being a member allows you to access each of them.

2 Responses to “The 2014 Olympics Inspired me to Join MyY”

  1. March 14, 2014 at 6:02 pm, sylvia orr said:

    I would like to know the cost of membership to the Orillia YMCA. I am a senior and am thinking of the fitness programs offered at the “Y”. I would also like a membership for my daughter who is on a disability pension. I am just not sure if we can afford it. Is there a trial period available to see if it is what we want>


    • March 25, 2014 at 7:13 pm, JeanetteHeywood said:

      Hi Sylvia,

      Thank you for your interest in a membership. We would be more than happy to help you in finding out if and how you qualify for a subsidized membership. Feel free to come to the Orillia YMCA in person, or you can contact us by phone (705-325-6168) or by email

      If you would like to try MyY, you can request a free day pass using this link:


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