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Swimming Lessons for Kids | Orillia YMCA

Programs offered by the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka vary by session and location. See current Orillia YMCA program schedule for availability and class times.

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Participants in swimming lessons Orillia YMCA become more comfortable and secure around water as they learn about water safety and practice swimming skills. They feel a sense of achievement from mastering something they can enjoy the rest of their lives. Small class settings provide opportunities to connect with others in the class and make new friends while increasing physical activity levels.


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Swimming Lessons to Keep Your Baby Safe & Healthy

Drop in Parent & Tot

0-36 months. Adult and child participate in the water together at a ratio of 1:1. Learn basic water skills, drowning prevention education and interact with other parents through common songs and games. 


Skills include becoming familiar with the water, entering and exiting water assisted, putting face in the water, blowing bubbles, and assisted front and back floats.


Skills include unassisted bobs, kicking with the face in the water, unassisted front and back floats, and assisted front glide.


Skills include deep water awareness, assisted jumps into deep water, instruction to sitting dives, retrieving objects in chest deep water, and assisted deep water front and back floats


Skills include introduction to boating safety, jumping into deep water with a PFD, front and back floats in deep water unassisted and front and back glides.


Skills include introduction to ice safety, sitting or kneeling dives in deep water, front swim for 15 metres, and front and back somersaults.


Skills include standing dives, deep water bobs, surface support for 45 seconds, front and back swim for 25 metres, and introduction to front crawl.

Swimming Lessons for Kids


Introduction to pool safety, submersion and glides.


Focus on kicking and rolling.


Participants learn and focus on coordination for front and back crawl.


Skills include a focus on front and back crawl.

Star 1

Skills include a focus on back glide with whip kick.

Star 2

Skills include a focus on front glide and whip kick.

Star 3

Skills include focus on elementary backstroke.

Star 4

Participants learn and focus on breaststroke and sidestroke.

Star 5

Skills include boating safety and self-rescue, introduction to butterfly, and a 500 metre continuous swim.

Star 6

First aid and victim rescue skills, introduction to waltz crawl, inverted breaststroke, double-over-arm breaststroke and 600 metre continuous swim. 

Star 7

Improvement of stroke techniques, leadership and lifeguard preparation and 700m continuous swim.

Private Swim Lessons

This is a great way to sharpen your skills and work on improvement by working one-on-one with qualified YMCA staff. 1/2 hour – $30.00 (member) 1/2 hour – $40.00 (non-member). 


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