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Fitness Classes & Exercise Programs for Adults

The YMCA offers fun and informative workshops that will provide an opportunity for members to try new and exciting fitness programs. Watch local information boards to check out new fitness programs for adults. Whether your goal is to increase strength and endurance, lose weight or stay active, joining a group is a great way to help keep you on track towards reaching your personal fitness goals.

Adult Fitness Classes for All Ability Levels | Parry Sound  YMCA

Drop-In Fitness Classes for Adults

A high intensity, low choreography body conditioning class that works both strength and stamina. This class is a dynamic and challenging workout combining cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance exercises.

Group Cycle is a great cardio workout appropriate for all fitness levels. Participants are able to adjust their workout to match their individual fitness level.

A blend of mind and body disciplines such as yoga and pilates with principles of fitness conditioning. Stretch and Strength will introduce mindfulness, attention to form, exercise execution and breathing techniques.

A fitness class including cardiovascular and muscle conditioning exercises for older adults as well as younger participants who are looking for a moderately paced workout.
Mid Impact is of slightly higher cardiovascular intensity while still maintaining a low impact and safe environment
Low Impact works towards functional fitness through focus on balance, strength and coordination to allow participants to carry on with day to day tasks
Stretch & Strength works on each component of balance, strength and stretching in equal parts

Drop-In Resistance Training Classes for Adults

Bars and Plates is a group fitness class that is different than any other. Each class encourages participants to work continuously on one muscle group at a time. This muscle conditioning class can take your strength and endurance training to a whole new level.

This total body conditioning class will start with an active warm-up. The muscle conditioning portion of Pump Circuit will include a variety of resistance apparatus to improve core stability, strength, endurance, flexibility and posture.

Adult Fitness Programs (Registration required)

Resistance training programs for adults

Get enlisted to serve in one of our seasonal Boot Camps. This workshop will be a dynamic and challenging workout combining cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance exercises. Boot Camp options may include Basic Training for Beginners, Resolution Boot Camp and Beach Blanket Boot Camp.