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Community Engagement Programs

The YMCA is an organization that has always focused on positive change – on building stronger kids, stronger families and stronger communities – it has always been our mission and vision to do this…we feel that this makes it our Duty as members of the YMCA, as a part of our global community to get involved, to take inspired action and to effect positive change – this is the YMCA way.

The YMCA is about taking inspired action – it is about having a vision, establishing a plan and then finding a way to support each and every person in their journey towards bringing that Vision to fruition. One of our goals within the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka is to help raise local community awareness around global community issues. Our public engagement programs allow us to reach out to our community providing education around a variety of themes including:

International Women’s Day, International Youth Day, Earth Day, Stand Up Take Action for the Eradication of Poverty, The Millennium Development Goals, Peace Week and our International Partners in Sierra Leone.

The YMCA Community Engagement Programs & Special Events:

1. School group presentations & workshops – presentations and workshops are provided to school age groups within our various school age programs

2. School Faculty presentations & workshops – several upcoming presentations are scheduled to provide awareness to High School faculty around our international partnership and our Public Engagement initiatives

3. Stand Up Speak Out has been rolled out throughout our association for the past 3 years, reaching more than 15,000 people collectively

4. Theme days and weeks in our Membership centres – International Women’s Day, Earth Day, International Youth Day, Stand Up Speak Out, Peace week

5. Training workshops on Global awareness for our Staff and Volunteers and participants – specifically camp staff and youth quest participants – training includes Millennium Development Goals and our partnership with Sierra Leone

6. Special events and keynote speakers

7. Additional community initiatives such as Peace of Art, Peace Week events, Ten Thousand Villages sales

Our intention is to help create a deeper understanding of local and global issues for our members, staff, volunteers and community as a whole.

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