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Youth Leadership 

Join a program developed to help you reach your full potential.

By having access to the right kinds of opportunities, young people will find their voice and learn how important it is to be a part of building a healthier community. Learn, grow and connect through the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka’s Youth Leadership Programs and Youth Advisory Council.

Youth Leadership Programs
Get involved in your community, make new friends and develop your potential as a participant of the YMCA Youth Leadership program. It is an exciting, engaging program for youth grades 5 through 12, opening doors to: 

  • Meet and get to know other youth in your community
  • Build leadership, problem solving and communications skills
  • Acquire training and certifications
  • Earn volunteer hours for school
  • Make a difference and get involved in your community
  • Attend camps and experience one of our retreats
  • Travel to other countries
  • Make friends for life and have fun!

Youth Advisory Council
Youth Leaders from the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka have been furthering their leadership development through international experiences for almost two decades, and providing direct input to our Board of Directors since 2012. These experiences have provided young people just like you with memories, skills and stories that will stay with them throughout their lives. This could be your year to begin an experience that will enrich your life and allow you the opportunity to meet some incredible people and learn some amazing new things. All YMCA youth leaders, volunteers and staff between the ages of 16 and 17 years of age are invited to apply for a position on the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka’s Youth Advisory Council.  

The Youth Advisory Council members will…

  • Develop and build their leadership skills and self-awareness.
  • Provide direct input and advice to our Board of Directors and Senior Staff.
  • Represent our YMCA on an international service learning experience.
  • Act as an ambassador for the YMCA in their community.