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YMCA Geneva Park Announcement

August 4, 2021

Since we announced the opening of the expression of interest process with Colliers, we’ve received a few questions from the community about the process. As part of our continued commitment to transparency, we’re sharing our responses with you today.

Most of the questions centre around what happens after the expressions of interest process closes on September 15, and for us, this is really the beginning of the next stage of the process. Every expression of interest will be reviewed.  Proposals will be evaluated to determine if they meet the outcomes that we decided on at the beginning of this process, including:

  • Potential for continued full or partial use by the YMCA including necessary investments to address immediate and future infrastructure and capital needs of the Park,
  • Facilitating the preservation of the local environment and waterways,
  • Respecting the historical stewards of the land, including the Anishinaabe people, the Chippewas of Rama First Nation, on whose traditional territory Geneva Park is situated, and
  • The generation of revenue to support the long-term sustainability of the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka.

The most important message we want to reinforce is that this is not a typical offer and acceptance real estate process; it has been intentionally designed to allow YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka to consider a variety of options for the park. That means the proposed solutions and outcomes are not predetermined and we don’t know precisely what kind of solution we will be developing. But we do know that we are committed to this intentional process and are willing to take a more innovative or challenging path to get the best solution that is possible to meet our goals.

To give you a sense of our process and plan and where we are at, here is an outline of our intended steps;

We are committed to connecting with our stakeholders throughout the process, including after September 15. We anticipate it will take some time to consider the proposals and to connect with the proponents before we are ready to discuss the future of the park publicly.

We are committed to communicating at each step of this process, and will continue to do so as we move forward. Thank you for your interest and support of Geneva Park.

You can learn more about how to engage in this process on the Colliers website.

Our YMCA is committed to transparency and continued communication throughout the decision-making process and we want to hear from you.

To be sure you receive updates or if you want to share a question, please complete the form below.


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We already knew that Geneva Park holds a special place in the hearts of so many of our partners, individuals and families but the response following our announcement in January was overwhelming in terms of new potential solutions offered by the community. It presented us with possibilities and has inspired some enhancements to our next steps, including the exploration of options that could extend beyond the straight sale of the property.

All information about the process can be found on the Colliers website.

You can connect with our partners at Colliers to share your ideas. They will work directly with all potential proponents.

The expressions of interest process will be open until September 15 to allow for the greatest number of potential solutions and partnerships to come forward for consideration. We believe that a good and fair process takes time and the YMCA and Colliers are committed to taking the time to work toward the goals of supporting the long-term sustainability of the YMCA while seeking the best community use of the property and ways to continue the legacy of Geneva Park.

This process will explore all possible innovative solutions and potential partnerships to help ensure families and individuals can access this important place for generations to come. No decisions will be made during the summer season and we continue to be committed to being transparent and communicating throughout this process. We encourage all interested individuals to sign up for our email list to be sure you’re informed about any decisions and future plans.

At this time, we’re not able to accept visitors except those who are already registered for Family Camp. Due to the nature of the Geneva Park site and programs, and current COVID-19-related health restrictions, we cannot accept additional visitors during the summer season.

Those wishing to tour the site as part of the expressions of interest process can arrange this through Colliers.

At this time, we’re not able to accept visitors except those who are already registered for Family Camp. We are looking into ways to provide opportunities for visits to the Park in the fall after the conclusion of our family camp season.

Note: Additional FAQs to be developed based on community questions.

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