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Health & Fitness Programs

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Building Balance Program

This is a 6-week program designed for individuals who are fearful of falling, who have already fallen or have had ‘near falls.’ Participants are taught strengthening and balance exercises to help keep them on their feet, in a safe and comfortable setting. A variety of equipment is used to support this goal.

Running in partnership with the YMCA, this program is facilitated by the South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre (SGBCHC) and is supported by the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network.

To join, a referral, via email, from your family Doctor directly to the South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre (SGBCHC) is needed. Your doctor should have the necessary details. Once accepted, participants must join the YMCA, as a member. To further support the participants in this program, the YMCA will waive the standard $84.75 joining fee. Each participant is also entitled to a complimentary 6-week membership for a caregiver or friend. If your friend or caregiver joins the YMCA within those six weeks, the joining fee will also be waived for them. YMCA Financial Assistance is also available for anyone who needs it.

TIME Program

Together in Movement and Exercise (TIME) is a community-based program welcoming people with balance and mobility challenges to exercise. This exercise program was specially created for people with mobility challenges, that may result from a range of conditions such as stroke, MS, brain trauma, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, aging and more.

What to expect

TIME exercises are designed to improve balance and mobility. They strengthen muscles in the legs and core, and improve coordination, agility and overall fitness. The program is a one-hour session held once a week for 12 weeks and is best suited for adults who can walk at least 10 metres with or without an assistive device.

“Thank you. I needed something to get me moving again.” –Anonymous, past participant

“It’s a remarkable program and we have a real need for it in our community,” -Allan, a past TIME participant.

“I have gotten much better since starting the program.” –Anonymous, past participant

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