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Beat the winter blues — Spring into physical activity!

Get moving! Children need physical activity to stay healthy.

Sometimes, winter is used as an excuse for hibernation. Rather than getting fresh air and exercise outdoors in winter months, we veg out on the couch as a way to relax and pass the time. It’s easier (and warmer!) to stay cooped up inside, but it doesn’t mean it’s better for our bodies.

Think about the amount of screen time your children are exposed to every day: between TV, DVDs, video games and computer time, our kids are spending more time sitting now than ever. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average child or youth aged 8 to 18 spends 7 hours per day in front of screen media.

We all want our kids to live happy, healthy lives — and physical activity plays a big role in this. It’s important to know how much physical activity is suggested for your child. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education is an excellent resource for physical activity guidelines. Here are some recommended activities by age group:


Different aged children require different physical activities
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