Not-For-Profit Leadership Institute | YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka

Not-For-Profit Leadership Development Program

The not-for-profit sector faces unique challenges in achieving success in today’s competitive market. The YMCA Not-For-Profit Leadership Development Program, in partnership with Lakehead University, has been designed to address these challenges by focusing on best practices and core elements of a successful not-for-profit organization.


The Not-For-Profit Leadership Development Program is a unique, multi-leveled leadership experience that will help you grow personally and professionally, while connecting you with other not-for-profit leaders within the community. Drawing on leading-edge research and experienced panel and keynote speakers, this program integrates conceptual knowledge, individual experiences and hands-on-support to guide participants in their impact on the nonprofit sector. More specifically:

  • Level One, is ideal for newer leaders and as a means to refresh and fill in any missing gaps current leaders may have around foundational leadership theories and their application. Modules consists of a self-assessment to better understand your personal strengths, the importance of presence techniques, communication styles and various other topics learnt in a hands-on and experiential learning environment. You will learn valuable insights into the fundamentals of leading through change for impact.
  • Level Two, is an advanced course and meant for experienced leaders. Participants in Level Two will build on the fundamentals covered in Level One and explore topics such as emotional intelligence, leadership resiliency, change management, the art of persuasion, strengths dynamics and other topics that will inspire participants to make an impact within their organization. Entry directly into Level Two will be considered for experienced leaders. However, those permitted through an application process will need to be enrolled for level two and complete the Level One fast track option of which there is a fee of $225 + HST.
  • Level Three, the final and most advanced level of this certificate program, is meant to expand on leadership concepts including ethics, cultural competency, board governance, philanthropy and collaboration. This level will encourage and provide you with the necessary tools, enabling you to be an intentional and innovative visionary as your organization evolves.

This Program Is Right For You If You Are:

  • Currently working or volunteering in the not-for-profit sector
  • Currently (or have recently been placed) in a managerial role within the not-for-profit sector
  • Working to improve organizational or team performance
  • Working to achieve a dynamic approach to leadership

What To Expect:

  • Learn how to determine what makes non-profit organizations effective and sustainable
  • Understand emerging trends, increased competitiveness in the sector and how to lead in this environment
  • Set realistic, practical marketing objectives and goals
  • Prepare tactical plans that convert strategies into action
  • Gain an increased confidence in your ability to lead and scale your organization
  • Develop a strong network of relationships with a diverse group of nonprofit leaders