YMCA International Peace Week | YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka
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YMCA Peace Week  

What is Peace Week?
YMCA Peace Week is a time when we celebrate the presence of peace in our local and global communities, and reflect on the peace-building work that happens all year both inside and outside the YMCA. The Y is dedicated to building healthy communities – and peace is fundamental to strong, happy and healthy communities.
YMCA Peace Week offer activities that help children, youth and adults explore peace from personal, community and global perspectives. YMCA Peace Week asks people to: Build community. Act for peace. When people act for peace and commit kind acts, they help to build a stronger and healthier community. Acting for Peace can come in many forms – supporting an international cause, joining a neighbourhood community group, cleaning up the earth around you, or simply holding the door for someone or saying a kind word.
Try to be the change you want to see in the world.
Did you commit an act of peace today?