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Meet our Personal Trainers: Cat, Queen of the Dad Jokes

“I love my job. I love working for the Y. My passion, my joy, is fitness classes,” says Cat Zummach, whose broad smile signals that she is exactly where she wants to be – Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at the Midland YMCA.

“I love fitness. It should be fun, not a chore. That’s my approach, whether I’m teaching a class or working one-on-one with somebody. I can do silly, and I can certainly claim the title of Queen of the Dad Jokes!”

Cat describes how it all started at the Midland YMCA back in 2009.

“I was taking a boot camp class, and one day, watching the instructor, I thought, I could be good at that! I asked the instructor about it, and not long after, I was enrolled in a basic fitness theory program with the YMCA!” Cat took additional courses and certifications and soon became a volunteer fitness instructor. “I was a volunteer for six years!” grins Cat.

In 2015, Cat joined the staff of the Midland YMCA as a full-time fitness instructor. Over the years, she has become something of a specialist working with seniors, particularly with people who are just starting out on a fitness journey, or who have an injury they need to work on.

“We’ll start with whatever their rehab specialist or physiotherapist has recommended. I do a fair bit of research to make sure I’m helping appropriately with specific injuries, or with conditions like arthritis. We work together to establish a routine that will lead to progress…. with a few Dad jokes and some laughs along the way. It’s important to enjoy our time together. I’m no drill sergeant!”

Cat says many people hire personal trainers to create accountability, particularly at the beginning.

“That’s how many start out, needing that accountability. Then they see results and improvements and want to keep going. There is nothing better than seeing progress to help you double down on your commitment to fitness,” says Cat. “For me, that’s pretty rewarding.”

In addition to Personal Training, Cat enjoys teaching Group Power, and is a lifeguard as well.

“My love of music and my love for fitness are shoved into one with Group Power. It’s where I really got into group classes and is my fav at the moment, after Aquafit. I can bring my silliness to Aquafit, and we all have some laughs.”

“The YMCA works for me and my family, my kids. My son will tell you, I grew up at the Y,” says Cat. “He did. He had done almost every program for kids and youth there is. He is now a lifeguard!”

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