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“The best thing I ever did was enroll my children at the YMCA, my babies are now 5 and 7 years old, and have been part of the Y their whole life. The Y has played as big a role in their lives as I have, I think it’s important that we evaluate who we let into our children’s lives and make sure that they will create a positive influence on them. I personally believe that my children are the well behaved and well-mannered children they are because of the wonderful people at the YMCA who have supported me in raising them. Let’s face it; they are with our children as much as we are!”

“My son is happy every day to wake up and go to the YMCA centre. He has made a lot of great friends and the staff is friendly, polite, and respectful. They keep me up-to-date daily with my son’s progress and his achievements. – Their happy to see my child, their happy to see me. The way they care about my son, I consider them my dream team. “

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