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$419,000 Raised for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign 2013!

The following was written by Jessica Rawn, Manager, Philanthropy & Association Advancement.

I’ve been wondering how I would handle it. If my situation suddenly changed.  If my pay cheque didn’t arrive. If my car stopped rolling. If my payments piled up.  If my spouse got sick and couldn’t work. Or my child was spinning out of control. Hopeless? Overwhelmed? Would I feel alone?

Celebrating Success!

SkidsCThis year, I take pride in the fact that my community said “We want to help” and donated over $419,000 to the Annual YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, so that no one needs to feel hopeless, alone or overwhelmed if faced with a struggle. Instead, my community chose to support the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka, who is committed to enabling all people to grow and reach their full potential.

The goal of this year’s Annual Strong Kids Campaign was ambitious – we wanted to raise enough to help thousands living in Simcoe County and regions of Muskoka and Parry Sound. How could that possibly be done? First, Y Staff and board members led the way and gave generously, over $50,000 of their own money. Then I saw 280 volunteers come together when they learned what we were was doing. They made their own donations, asked their friends, family and colleagues to donate too. As I close off our fiscal year I see that over 4,100 of our neighbours, friends and fellow community members gave!

Volunteer Contributions

Marty who shared his story and volunteered with the Campaign said this to me:

I was overwhelmed by the willingness and generosity of my friends when I asked them to contribute to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. I’m proud of all of them and those who share with others.

The Impact of your Donations

Marilyn shares the impact volunteers and donations have had on her family:

Thank you to the hundreds of people that believe in the Strong Kids Campaign. Together we are strengthening our community.

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