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Communicating With Our Diverse Communities

As I noted in my last post, “Your Y: Providing Excellence” the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka has grown in its 100 years of existence, and is now one of the largest YMCA branches in Canada, serving 60,000 people in 25 distinct communities. As prefaced in the video, “Where did Community Go?” from the Vancouver YMCA, our lifestyles are changing, and those changes have had a resounding impact on our communities and our children.

We Belong To Our Communities

As a community organization, we aren’t just located in our communities, but we need to belong to our communities. To succeed at that task, we need to better understand both our purpose and position within our communities. Are we a part of the essential fabric that makes up a community? What would happen if our services and facilities weren’t there? I suspect the answers to these questions would be quite diverse and not always what we would like to hear.

Because our organizational culture revolves around developing an identity with our communities to have greater impact, we have coordinated with YMCA Canada to develop a new communication strategy. Entitled “My Y”, our new strategy is designed to be a bottom up communication method that relies on our members and participants to share their “My Y”experiences will be integral to our success.

Help Us Share Stories About Your Y

We want everyone’s experiences to be great ones, and we encourage everyone in our communities to tell their “My Y” stories, to help us develop awareness about our initiatives and how hard we are working to make an impact in our communities. Your stories and experiences are the valuable threads that weave together the fabric of our communities.

So whether you use our state-of-the-art workout facilities, our licensed Child Care Centres, our summer camps, our employment counselors, our Newcomer Services program, or any of our other programs and services, we encourage you to share your experiences because we want everyone in our communities to know these services belong to you.


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