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The YMCA’s Priorities for Ontario’s Provincial Election

Your YMCA is building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities across Ontario. Whether in recreation and healthy living, early learning and child care, or youth support services and skills development, the YMCA has been a pioneer in helping to overcome the challenges facing Ontario’s communities. Ontario Election Priorities for YMCA

The YMCA has grown to be one of Ontario’s largest charities reaching communities big and small to serve almost 1.3 million Ontarians at all stages of life.

YMCA & The Province of Ontario – Partners in Progress

Working with the province, the YMCA and other not-for-profit organizations are already delivering positive results. Because there is no single, top-down solution to the challenges our province faces, not-for-profit groups like the YMCA play an important role in enabling Ontarians to lead well-rounded, healthy, and fulfilling lives. 

The YMCA and other charities should be trusted to deliver vital community services. As an efficient, accountable, and effective organization with a proven track record of serving the community, the YMCA is a partner in progress with government. Together we can achieve extraordinary things.

Our Priorities

Promote Wellness
– Ontarians should be empowered to choose a healthy lifestyle.
– Investments in health and wellness help communities flourish.

Support Youth Achievement
– Effectively supporting youth with unique approaches to learning.
– Real employment opportunities empower youth to succeed.

Strengthen Early Learning and Child Care
– All children deserve a head start.

YMCA’s Impact in Ontario

  • 558,363 Ontarians stay active through YMCA recreation programs
  • Help over 500,000 youth every year
  • 169,858 Ontario youth participate in YMCA community programs
  • Largest provider of not-for-profit child care in Ontario
  • Nearly 40,000 Ontario kids enrolled in YMCA-provided childcare.

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