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YMCA Child Care Supports Healthy Development of Young Children

Recently, I had the privilege to read to the kids who attend our Child Care Program at the Barrie YMCA. It was an opportunity to experience the many things the Y does to provide early learning opportunities for our youngest members.Rob Armtrong Reading to Child Care

Collectively, YMCAs across Canada are the largest provider of child care in the country, dedicated to developing and operating the highest standard in children’s programming – and the YMCAs of Simcoe/Muskoka are no exception. With over 80 licensed Child Care facilities across our region, the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka provides exceptional programs focused on children between the ages of birth and twelve years of age.

YMCA Playing To Learn Curriculum Lays Foundation For Future And Ongoing Achievement And Success

Through our nationally recognized YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum, the Y addresses the holistic development of young children by supporting brain development, early literacy, healthy habits development and strong parenting skills. Just as importantly, it lays a foundation for future and ongoing achievement and success.

We also integrate early learning techniques into other Y programs, such as our drop-in-child care service for members who are participating in programs and activities. Through this outreach, we’re able to meet the needs of families to include fun physical activity, positive relationships and enriching programs.

Learn More About YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka’s Commitment To Their Youngest Members

Our commitment to our youngest Y members stands firm in their preparation for future success.

As we start thinking ahead to the next school year, many parents ask us about the types of child care and curriculum the Y provides. We want to help answer some of your questions and make your search a little easier. For more information about YMCA Child Care curriculum and locations, please click here.

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  1. Hello, both my children have been at the YMCA for the last year and they love the programs, activities are your staff. I am very impressed with the quality of daycare you provide, I know when I leave them there they are safe.

    But I do have one complaint, your hours of operation 7am to 6pm have made it very difficult for commuting parents to use your services. ie. If I am dropping off my kids at 7am, I don’t get to Toronto until 8:30, put in my 9 hours at work and a 1 1/2 hour drive back and I get to your daycare for 7pm. You close at 6pm. I would ask that you consider opening your programs earlier, 6am start.

    The government of Ontario has recognized the need for more trains up to Barrie due to the amount of commuters, but currently there are no daycare services that would accommodate commuters the same way.

    There is a big gap in the system and a lack a early drop off centers available.

    I would hope that you review the current schedule offered and hopefully identify the need for earlier drop offs.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Elsa,

      Thank you for letting us know your concerns. Could you please provide us with the name of the centre your children are attending? We will gladly review the hours and identify if we can transition to an early opening.

      Thank you!

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