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Kraft Bikes at MyY Wasaga Beach

Y Kids were surprised with bikes built by Kraft Canada employees.

By: Jesse Ramson, Pool Deck Supervisor, Wasaga Beach YMCA

In February and March, the Wasaga Beach YMCA and Kraft Canada partnered in a very special community initiative.

While holding their management training sessions at Blue Mountain Resort, Kraft employees ended their time with a team building activity: each group had to build a bike from scratch.

Kraft Canada Builds Bikes for YMCA Kids

What the groups didn’t know is that they weren’t just building bikes for team building: instead, waiting outside were some eager kids ready for a surprise.

These children came from YMCA programs and had no idea what was happening. Surprised looks on the faces of both children and adults alike were instantaneous.

The room filled with laughter and smiles as each child received a bike from a group of Kraft Canada employees. In addition to a bike, the children received new helmets! At one point, a child screamed out, “Everyone is awesome!”

Kraft Canada presents a YMCA child with a newly built bike.

After the event, the YMCA was able to share some amazing Y stories, to touch the hearts of these employees even more.

To quote one YMCA employee:

“The children were beyond belief excited, and the adults had tears in their eyes. It was a truly enlightening experience, and truly encapsulating. The whole energy of the room was euphoric, and everyone left with goosebumps. It was one of those ‘this is why I work so hard’ days. It was a moment where you are really aware of the difference that one deed can make.”

Thank you, Kraft Canada!

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