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The YMCA’s Commitment to Technology

Did you know that this year, the YMCA committed to revamping the Y Brand based around a new five year strategic plan with a primary focus on supporting youth and communities right here in our own Simcoe/Muskoka backyard?

Why Technology?

We asked, you answered and we listened.  Based on community feedback the key driver for the new strategic plan has been established as technology. In today’s society, with youth and community as our primary focus, it only stands to reason that in order to remain relevant and engaged we must be actively involved in online communication channels & new technology mediums for communication.

2011/2012 was a fundamental year in establishing an overall web presence for the YMCASM brand, we gave the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka website a complete makeover while increasing our dedication to social media channels, such as;





The Results are in…

“The YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka website had a 170% increase in site visits over the past year”

These initial steps have allowed us to collaborate with members of the community in a more intimate way than ever before.  Our community has had more opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and make suggestions; allowing the Y to build a stronger relationship with you, our members. We as staff at your YMCA are better able to listen, respond and meet the needs of all people within our growing community.

Technology and the MyY Campaign

In September, the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka launched the MyY Campaign, focused on empowering the Y voice through the sharing of real life, local stories. Over 120 stories were uploaded throughout a two month period. These stories provide a genuine glimpse into the diversity of people engaged within the YMCA, as well as the tremendous impact MyY has on people from all walks of life.  Technology has enabled us to share these wonderfully touching and sincere stories.

Looking forward: Current and Emerging Technology Trends

As we continue to build on the foundation that has been established, we are committed to increasing our engagement and ability to share via new and creative online formats.  We encourage you, our members to reach out to us and help us as we continually seek to better understand and meet your individual needs.

Of course, face to face, and in person is always our favourite way to say hello and this will never change. Yet with our busy and ever changing lives, we hope that by remaining actively involved and up to date online, we will help to improve and enrich your experience within the YMCA each and every time you come through the doors.

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