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How big is your dinner plate?

Often when people plateau on their journey to better health, a change in the exercise program and/or diet is required to move closer to achieving their goal. There are many reasons why your diet may not be working in your favour. Aside from eating the right foods, your physical activity level can affect the amount of calories your body needs daily. Here are some tips to help keep you on track towards your goals:

  • How big is your plate? Various studies have shown that the bigger the plate you use, the bigger your

    portion size will be.

  • Avoid eating food out of the package; place the portion in a separate bowl.
  • Serving size and portion size are often different. For example, a restaurant may feature a healthy menu with nutrition information provided. Be sure to recognize if the nutrition information is per serving or per portion.
  • Control portion size and food intake: wait 20 minutes before taking a separate helping. This will help prevent overeating.
  • If you aren’t sure how big a serving should be, check out “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.”
  • The food guide serving is meant to help you understand how much you should eat and may differ from the nutritional label.

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