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Holiday Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Holiday tips from the YMCA

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our very own Chris Inkpen on Georgian Bay Life, channel 53 cable on Rogers TV, you’re missing out on some great entertainment and information!

Once a month, Chris gives some fitness tips, and leads the host of the show through some exercise routines. This past month, his focus was on Holiday Do’s and Don’ts.

Holiday Don’ts

The first don’t for the holiday season is binge eating. Don’t skip meals and then eat as much as possible during one meal. If your regular routine is three meals a day, stick with that. Sampling foods instead of mass eating is a better practice.

Don’t act like everything doesn’t matter, or that you’ll be fine getting back into a regular routine in the New Year. This is a mindset that is a trap, and commonly leads to procrastination and unhealthy habits.

Holiday Do’s

Moderate yourself. Everything is fine in moderation! This goes for sleeping habits, food, drinks, and workouts. While it is understandable that the holidays will twist your schedule around a little bit, don’t let your routine change too much. At the same time, enjoy the holidays!

Make sure you train for the right reason. Don’t train in order to eat more. Keep training so that you stay healthy.

Try not to change your routine as much as possible. If you go to sleep at 9 normally, try to go to sleep at 9 over the holidays. Keep your eating patterns the same. If you work out three times a week normally, then attempt to work out three times a week over the holidays.

Catch Chris from the Wasaga Beach YMCA on Rogers TV

You can watch Chris’ segment on Rogers TV online to hear more tips for the holiday season!


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