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YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka Receives $5,000 from Midland Y’s Men’s Club for ‘Youth Night’ Program

The YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka is pleased to accept a $5,000 donation from the Midland Y’s Men’s Club to help youth in North Simcoe get active.

The $5,000 donation will provide local youth with Friday “Youth Nights” at the Midland YMCA for one year. Providing a weekly night for local teens to get active and have fun allows youth from the entire community to enjoy the many benefits of the YMCA.

“Youth Nights at the YMCA provide a fun place for young people to hang out in a safe environment,” says Val Dickson, Acting General Manager of the Midland YMCA. “We have over 70 participants coming through our doors each Friday, so the Y’s Men’s Club support is making a big impact.”

Each year the Midland Y’s Men’s Club raise funds for various local efforts, including this recent generous sponsorship for local youth at the YMCA.

“The Midland Y’s Men’s Club is proud to support the YMCA and the broader community through many projects and activities. All of our funds are donated or spent in the community. We are proud of our achievements and always seeking new members to join our rich history,” says Y’s Men President, Gerry Lesperance.

Donation made to YMCA from Midland's Men's Club
Back row L-R: Y’s Men Kevin Leonard, Rene Ouellet Jr., Gerry Lesperance, Rob Heming, YMCA Staff Alexa Lafond, YMCA Youth Leader Lindsay Desroches, YMCA Board Member Brianna Brickles, YMCA Staff Karen Ferguson, Bryan Puddicombe Front row L-R: YMCA Youth Leaders Deagan Walker, Sydney Mabee, Emily Fagan, Magen Robitaille, Justin Bressette, Alexandria Jackman

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