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Meet Your Group Power Instructors at MyY Midland

Group Power is finally here! Learn more about the class and meet your instructors that will be leading classes at the YMCA in Midland.

Carol K

Learn why Carol K loves teaching and participating in Group Power.

An active lifestyle has always been in my repertoire, so the next step to becoming an instructor seemed only natural. With two years as a volunteer at the YMCA and three years as a YMCA fitness instructor, my love of teaching and training has allowed me to assist members to reach their personal goals, thus providing them with physical and emotional well-being. I take pride in all I have learned and love applying my knowledge to help others feel better, both physically and mentally.

Group Power to me is empowering. It provides me with the workout I love best — weight training — in a class format. The strength I have gained provides me with an unrivalled confidence that allows me to take control of my workouts and walk out of the gym ready to take on the world. Take control, and power up with Group Power!


Jill is one of the Group Power instructors at MyY Midland.

I started volunteering as an instructor in July of this year. Currently I instruct spin class, step, pump and bootcamp. The reason that I became a fitness instructor is that I know from my own personal experience that becoming fit has had such a profound positive impact on my life that I want to help others in pursuit of the same.

Group Power makes me feel strong and powerful enough to do anything I set my mind to — and has proven to me that strength training can be loads of fun in the right environment! Get ready to power up!

Carol M

Learn why Carol M loves Group Power! Take a class today at the Midland YMCA.

After a long career in education and early childhood education I decided to take courses that enabled me to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I’ve been able to share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle throughout the seven years that I have worked at the Midland YMCA. I also became very involved in the Midland Triathlon Club and competed for several years in various triathlon distances. The training and the competitions gave me confidence and empowered me to push myself to physical and endurance levels that I never thought I could achieve.

Similarly, Group Power has challenged me to push myself to a new level of strength training that is beyond my regular training. I challenge you to take that step out of your “comfort zone” to become strong, confident and empowered.

Try Group Power at the Midland YMCA today!

Ready to try Group Power at the Midland YMCA? View our schedules to see when you can try a class today!

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