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Get to Know Your Group Power Instructors at MyY Innisfil

Group Power is finally here! Learn more about the class and meet your instructors that will be leading classes at the YMCA in Innisfil.


Meet Jennifer, MyY fitness instructor teaching Group Power at the Innisfil YMCA.

My name is Jennifer Scott and I have worked for the YMCA for 3 years. I started as a part-time wellness coach and group fitness instructor. I am currently the Supervisor of Adult Fitness for the Innisfil YMCA.

I am so excited that Group Power is coming to our centre. This is new, fresh and exciting. We have tons of members that are up for a challenge, and challenge they will get! This class is fun and innovative — and did I say fun? The music is great, the energy is high and the workout is killer! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet this class is for you. It will challenge you to lift heavier and see your progression as the weeks go on.

I am excited to start teaching this and see how the members respond. I predict it will bring new members coming to try the class, and will be new and fun for the members who already love to take a class! Bring on Group Power!


Penny is ready to power up with Group Power at the Innisfil Y.

I have been with the YMCA for 8 years, teaching fitness classes for 7 of the 8 and loving it. A month ago I was asked if I would be interested in becoming qualified to teach this class called Group Power that was coming to our Y and I was thrilled. Learning to teach this class has been both mentally and physically challenging. At the same time, it has been so much fun and in just one month I have seen a marked increase in my strength.”

Group Power is an hour of power! The music is inspiring, the group environment is motivating and results are sure to be seen.



Meet Amy, Group Power class leader at MyY Innisfil.

I’m Amy Watts, a certified personal trainer currently teaching group classes here at the Innisfil YMCA. I’ve been volunteering since 2013 in the adult fitness department and now, I am so happy and proud to be part of this team as a full time staff! I’ve always wanted to share my knowledge and skills to the members, to motivate and coach them to a healthy lifestyle. And I believe that I’ve touched so many peoples’ hearts and minds through this direction.

As a fitness coach and instructor, Group Power is a great workout to try. A workout that will ignite your muscles from head to toe! Within an hour of power, you will experience a high level of energy that will make you sweat. And with very dynamic music to match, I know this will power you up fast!

I’ve never lifted this much weight in a group setting before, but the training that my colleagues and I did has made me stronger. In this workout, it’s not all about how much weight you can lift, but it’s about how much weight you can sustain without resting in a span of an hour. And that is a test of your strength!


Anna loves teaching and participating in Group Power.

A year and a half ago I was out of shape, inactive and had recently quit smoking. I wanted to get back to living a healthy lifestyle, so I started going to the Innisfil YMCA 3 days a week.  Soon that changed to 5 days a week and I loved the group classes so much that I became a volunteer. I volunteered for 6 months and then applied to become staff. I was hired in the spring of 2014.

I was introduced to Group Power for the first time when I went to take my training to become a certified instructor. I fell in love with it then and there. I love how it is motivating through powerful music. I like how it is open to people of any fitness level. I myself have become stronger over the last 2 months through the training to teach the class. I can lift more now than I could before and I am starting to see definition in my arms and legs. I feel more fit now than I have in my entire life!


Hear Kevin's story and learn why he loves teaching Group Power at the YMCA in Innisfil.

My name is Kevin Wood and I joined the YMCA in the spring of 2014. I started out as a volunteer and eventually moved into the role of a part time fitness instructor and wellness coach. I am looking forward to teaching our new Group Power classes in Innisfil. This program is very challenging, and yet still fun and enjoyable. I feel it will be enjoyed by beginners and seasoned members alike.

The program is designed to challenge us to lift heavier each session and progress physically as time goes on. The music is great and the moves are basic; however, the repetitions will challenge everyone. I can see this exciting and new program being a favourite with all our seasoned members and entice our newest. Group Power… are you up for a challenge?

Try Group Power at the Innisfil YMCA today!

Ready to try Group Power at the Innisfil YMCA? View our schedules to see when you can try a class today!

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