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Get to Know Your Group Power Instructors at MyY Orillia

Group Power is here! Learn more about the instructors who will be teaching at MyY Orillia.

Group Power is here! Learn more about the class and meet your instructors that will be leading classes at the YMCA in Orillia.


Dorothy began her journey with the Y in November 2011 as a volunteer Zumba® instructor at MyY Barrie, and then joined MyY Orillia as an Adult Fitness Leader.

Dorothy was asked with only two hours notice to lead her first Zumba® class, she had a lot of reasons why she shouldn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t, but the supervisor was quicker, and used her know-how of ‘inspiring people and helping them reach their potential’ — and the rest is history!

Dorothy stood before 25 participants, made it through her first class, accepted the volunteer Zumba® position and went on to expand her qualifications to include certifications in: Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, Fitness Kickboxing, all streams of Group Fitness, (except yoga), and most recently, Group Power.

Group Power speaks team work. “It’s an amazing workout using a barbell, weight plates and body weight. Group Power is an inspiring and motivating group environment with dynamic music where we can work together as a team to strengthen all our major muscles while moving, grooving and having fun!”

What better way to get moving and get strong while having fun? Join Dorothy in a Group Power class.


Emma has been with MyY Orillia for almost one year. She started because of her interest in becoming a yoga instructor and has expanded to being on the staff team as an Adult Fitness Leader. Emma has worked on multiple certifications and currently teaches almost all the different types of classes offered at the Y.

Emma loves Group Power because the positive energy from the participants is contagious. The positive feedback from participants encourages her to push harder, and encourage the members to push themselves to achieve success.


Marilyn will be leading Group Power classes at the YMCA in Orillia.

Marilyn started with MyY as a volunteer fitness instructor. She has volunteered for over 14 years and in that time has become certified to teach all the fitness classes.

“The Y offered me many opportunities for training and development and personal growth. How awesome is that?”

Marilyn took her career to the next step by taking on a part-time Adult Fitness Leader position, then an Interim Supervisor position at the Barrie Y, and is currently the Supervisor of Adult Fitness at both the MyY in Gravenhurst and Orillia. Marilyn’s latest challenge has been instructing Group Power.

“I love Group Power! I’ve been practicing and teaching Group Power since the beginning of September 2014 and I can feel my muscles getting stronger. The participants are amazing: they come out, they try hard, they push, they succeed and best of all, they come back! Try it, do something today that your future self will thank you for.”


Michelle has been working at MyY for 5 years now as the Supervisor of Adult Fitness and loves the energy at MyY Orillia.

“When I first heard about Group Power, I knew it was similar to a program I had experienced in the past at another gym and loved the class. I’m thrilled that we are offering this new style of strength training to our members. This class really does wonders for gaining strength, creating shape, and feeling good. Plus the music selection really helps you work just a bit harder. I know members are going to love this class!”

Try Group Power at the Orillia YMCA today!

Ready to try Group Power at the Orillia YMCA? View our schedules to see when you can try a class today!

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