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Youth Early Childhood Educator Assistant (ECEA) Program

This program is for youth aged 15-30 who are either unemployed or under-employed and looking for full-time employment as an Early Childhood Educator Assistant (ECEA).

Our Youth ECEA Program provides 6 weeks of pre-employment training with 14 weeks of paid work experience. During the six-week pre-employment training, youth participate in ECEA-specific training that builds employability skills, job maintenance and life skills to help remove the barriers that have been preventing them from accessing the labour market. Youth complete required certifications to start working as an ECEA.  Participants also secure a 14-week supported ECEA work experience to help them make the permanent transition into full-time employment. This program is funded by Service Canada and is delivered throughout Simcoe County.

Questions? Please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable Youth Services staff!

Ash Fahey | Case Manager |

Sarah Drake | Case Manager |

Maggie Culhane | Case Manager |

Stephanie Kellar  | Case Manager |

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