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Youth Transitions Program

The Youth Transitions Program (YTP) aims to provide vulnerable students (ages 12-19) support at critical academic transition points with the community support they need for educational attainment and future success.

Through a trauma-informed and strengths-based approach, students develop life skills, gain resiliency, cultivate a positive mental well-being and develop the capacity to reach their fullest potential.

YTP clients foster a sense of belonging through mentorship, one-to-one support, and workshops, developing life skills to be healthy, thriving adults.

What YTP Offers:

1. One-to-One Support

  • Housing supports/referrals
  • Access to Education Resources
  • Access to Employment Services and Resources
  • Foster a sense of belonging through direct mental well-being supports and activities

2. Life Skills Workshops

  • How to Adult
  • Learning to Breathe
  • Personal Development
  • You can Go

3. Peer Mentorship

Length of the Program

  • Enter and leave the program when you are ready
  • You can sign up for all activities or only be involved in one stream of the program
  • It’s your choice!

For any questions, please contact one of our staff!

Ash Fahey –

Shane Morrison –

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