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YMCA Membership

Why did the YMCA switch to bi-weekly payments?

With the launch of the YMCA Online Portal, we are required to switch from monthly membership payments to bi-weekly payments. Most financial institutions and other businesses use bi-weekly as opposed to monthly payments to keep payments smaller and to better align with clients’ pay schedules.

Bi-weekly payments allow for:

  • Easier to manage payments. Although payments are more frequent, they are in smaller amounts, broken up throughout the month.
  • Flexibility to make changes to your membership
  • Customization for each family’s needs and wants

Yes, all 8 of our centres offer a day pass option.  Please choose your centre of community to learn more about their current fee structure.

YMCA memberships are designed to help you live well throughout your life. The option of putting your membership on hold allows you to stay connected when you need to pause for a medical reason, travel, or enjoy a much needed break.

To place your membership on hold you must notify the YMCA by filling out this form, in writing or in person at least 7 days before your payment date. The start date of your hold is required to be your payment date. Minimum hold 1 month, maximum hold 6 months. If you have questions regarding your membership please contact your centre directly.

A joining fee (or Building Enhancement Fee) is a non-refundable contribution which promotes the maintenance and investment in future capital development of the facility.  Anyone purchasing a new, or lapsed, Adult, Senior, Couple, or Family Membership must pay the $75 Joining Fee with their first month’s payment.

Yes, as a registered Canadian charity, we collect donations to help support those who need a little financial help to access YMCA programs and services.  Click here to apply.  Proof of family income will be assessed and a Member Services staff will contact you within 48 hours.

Yes, depending on the type of membership you purchase, your YMCA card will be recognized at most other YMCA’s nation-wide as a visiting member.  In some cases, you may need to pay an additional fee to access adult-only change rooms, or specialty or registered programming.

To cancel a membership, written notice must be received by the YMCA at least seven (7) days prior to, but not including, the next debit date. Verbal notice of cancellation or cancellation via phone are not accepted. Refunds will not be provided for cancellations received after the 7 day cut-off date or for unused membership time.

Yes, you can bring as many guests as you wish!  The first time anyone visits the YMCA they will be issued a complimentary “Member for a Day” pass.  After this visit, day pass or membership charges may apply.  Please note, all members and guests over the age of 16, must supply a valid photo ID to access the YMCA.  Visit YMCA Access & Policies for more information.

YMCA Programs

Schedules are available at the YMCA or can be found by clicking here.

Yes, the YMCA offers swim lessons for all ages throughout the year, at all centres except Parry Sound. Most of our centres run on a 10-month cycle, from September – June. During the summer, a different schedule with different opportunities will be offered. After the summer, your child will return to the same lesson time. Please contact your centre directly for more information on the timing of swim lessons in your area. Learn more here.

Please speak with your YMCA Deck Supervisor.  They will upload a current Swim Lesson progress report which you can download by visiting SwimGen.  Please note that your participant number is printed on your YMCA Card.

Some of our YMCAs offer this service. Please speak to your Membership Service team for schedules and pricing (if applicable).

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