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Camp Kitchi's 100th Anniversary

2019 Marked Camp Kitchikewana’s 100th Anniversary!

On September 6th to September 8th, 2019 we hosted alumni and friends of Camp Kitchikewana on Beausoleil Island for a weekend of fellowship and celebration to commemorate the camps 100th Anniversary! Over 430 people were in attendance throughout the course of the weekend. We hope that over the next 100 years more names will be added from past, current and future campers and staff who contune to help keep the Camp Kitchikewana spirit and values strong.

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Camp Kitchikewana has a strong legacy of receiving charitable support through the generous efforts and gifts of our alumni and supporters’ database.  As part of the 100th Celebration, we have recently launched the Camp Kitchikewana 100th Endowment Fund to provide permanent, annual funds to support and enhance the camper experience at YMCA Camp Kitchikewana.  Interest generated by the fund will be disbursed on an annual basis, and will be used to improve and replace program equipment and camp facilities to enhance the camper experience. Funds from this Endowment may not be used for capital or operational expenses.

Any gifts received through the registration process are being generously matched dollar for dollar by our lead donor, Mr. Paul Lawrence. Click here if you would like to make an endowment gift now.

To learn more about this effort please read our endowment brochure.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  To help sponsor the event or to discuss further please contact Susan Kulkarni at 705-726-9622 x 450 or via email at

In celebration of the camp’s 100th anniversary the Camp Kitchikewana Alumni Advisory Committee decided it was an appropriate time to recognize key contributors to the camp’s success over the first 100 years.

To commemorate the initial inductees we have published this special 100th Anniversary Wall of Distinction magazine highlighting past campers and staff who help keep the Kitchikewana spirit and values strong.

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