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During the Spring and Fall seasons Camp Kitchikewana operates as on Outdoor Centre serving a variety of groups and functions:

  • Curriculum fitting outdoor education programs for elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools
  • Outpost for school or group canoeing and/or hiking trips
  • Retreats and Getaway weekends including but not limited to Senior Women’s Week, Women’s Wellness Weekend
  • Leadership/team building retreats and training for youth, church and adult groups
  • Facility rentals for alumni weddings, family reunions, group functions and interest groups
  • Camp alumni events such as volunteer work weekends, reunions and weekend getaways
  • Family camp programs

Looking for Information on our outdoor education programs? Click here to find out more!

Retreats and Getaways

June 8 – 10, 2018. Do you know someone who wants to try camp for the 1st time? Or maybe you know a camper that just can’t wait until the summer for camp to start? Then Spring All Camp Weekend is a perfect fit! Campers will enjoy all of their favourite camp activities along with the 2nd Annual Treasure vs. Wanakita All Camp! New and returning campers ages 7 to 16 are welcome. For more information on the weekend click here. Fee: $125

To register, click here.

Sept 4 – 7, 2018. Join us on the beautiful shores of Beausoleil Island at our annual Senior Women on the Move Retreat. This retreat is specially designed to provide an environment where you can unwind and enjoy while developing spirit, mind, and body. Staff will offer a variety of workshops along with all the classic camp favourites like archery, swimming, boating, and so much more for you to enjoy! Enjoy a week full of relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun! Each year the retreat features a different theme that involves costumes, crafts, decorations and a theme night. Participants must be 55 years or older. Fee: $180

To register click here, or download the registration form. For more information call 705-330-0978 x641 or email

Sept 14 – 16, 2018. This program is specially designed to provide a relaxing environment which promotes the development of spirit, mind and body. Staff and a variety of guest speakers will offer workshops, fitness classes, cooking sessions, crafts and traditional camp activities. Massage therapy and aesthetician services are available (additional fees apply). For more information about the weekend click here. Fee: $250

2018 Women’s Wellness online registration is now available. Register here.

If you are not able to register online please contact our camp office at 705-330-0378 x641 or to make alternate arrangements. If you are interested in planning or hosting a retreat please contact us at

Facility Rental
In the spring and fall Camp Kitchikewana is available for facility rentals of group functions such as alumni weddings, family reunions, leadership retreats, conference and special group functions. Give your group the unique experience of being on the island in the beauty of Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Our modern camper cabins can sleep 225 people and we have a large meeting space with our dining hall. We also have several indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. Rentals include food service and programs by request. Please contact us for availability and pricing information at or 705-330-0378 x651.

Looking for a different experience? Check out the YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka’s other camping site at YMCA Geneva Park for their outdoor centre options.

Strengthsquest - self assessment

• Identify your top 5 talents
• Learn the power behind your talents and how to intentionally apply them daily
• The benefits and power of a strengths based approach
• The tools to begin your StrengthsQuest journey and establish a strengths based culture

Leadership Communication

• Identify your communication style
• Gain awareness about the impact you have on others based on how you communicate
• Learn techniques and the awareness needed to be a truly great communicator

Transformational Leadership

• Defining leadership throughout the ages
• Learn to differentiate between trending concepts on leadership to those that are proven, relevant and applicable today
• Learn to identify what leadership styles have influenced you and what leadership style and the characteristics you would most like to exemplify. What form of leadership is your team or organization led by? Which style would have the most impact?

Strategic Planning

• Why is it important?
• How does one get started?
• What makes a good strategic plan? – learn the essentials

Team Effectiveness - Stages of Development

• Be provided with the tools needed to assess at what level of performance your team is working at
• Learn to kick start and transition your team to one that is highly performing

Mindfulness - Group Approach

• Strategies, techniques & its importance towards attaining a work/life balance

Strengthsquest - Motivation and Engagement

• Learn to manage your talents and those of your team as an interactive process
• You will be able to assess if you are in the right role and determine if managing people is the right fit for you? Are you developing or damaging your teams?

Managing Performance

• Tried and true tools perfect for staff evaluations
• You will be able to differentiate between critical behaviour needing intervention versus behaviour that can be coached
• You will be provided with the tools on how to address staff behaviour & coach your teams


• Learn the science, physiological & psychological responses that impact decision making and personal interaction
• You will be able to look at the work environment through a different lens noting its impact on potential employee performance and learning the means to intervene and influence for better results

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Resiliency

• Provides additional insights on how you are perceived and how that awareness can lead to greater impact as a leader

Change Management

• Examines the impact change has throughout an organization and provides you with the tools and understanding of how to navigate through change with the least collateral & cultural damage

Conflict Resolution

• Learn the tools needed to be able to find the common ground needed to move beyond an impasse

The Art of Persuasion

• Realize the weight of your words and actions and how to put that knowledge to the best use
• Where do you fit within the political milieu?

Strengthsquest - followership and leadership

• Move beyond what your individual talents contribute to a team and start to learn to intentionally aim & maximize the talents of others
• With this understanding you will be able to address and provide what your team members need from you as their leader

Principled-Centre Leadership

• You will learn to appreciate and consider the weight of responsibility that comes as you evolve as a leader
• You will examine ethical dilemmas and the means to address them, as well as the consequences those decisions may have

Philanthropic Leadership

• Learn a strategic approach to philanthropic visioning for your organization. As the funding landscape changes so too must our approach to philanthropy
• You will examine your readiness to adapt to these changes and how to instill a framework and culture of philanthropy that can be sustained for the long term

Board Governance

• Learn the importance of Governance and the essential role it plays as part of any organization
• Learn to assess at what stage of Governance your board operates at and how to move their level of engagement should your organization be ready for the shift
• You will be given the tools to fully understand & implement best practices of governance into your organization

Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships

• You will be provided with the tools in order to assess the readiness of your organization and your board to collaborate or partner with another organization
• We will discuss and examine what governing practices need to be in place in order for collaboration to not only occur but also succeed

Unconscious Bias

• Everyone is biased. With that understanding and acceptance you will learn how to make decisions that acknowledges the role bias can often play within that process
• You will discuss best practices and be provided with the tools needed to implement them

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