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YMCA Camp Kitchikewana:

Camp games, sailing lessons, canoe and kayak for your kids

Campers in our traditional camp, sailing camp and leadership program will have the opportunity to receive skill instruction from staff who are certified to instruct these water-based programs by provincially or nationally recognized organizations:

Camp Kitchikewana certifies campers using the YMCA Swim Levels (Otter to Star 7) and the Life Saving Society of Canada Levels (Bronze Star, Medallion and Cross). Campers wishing to complete a Lifesaving Society Level must sign up for swimming for both skills.

Camp Kitchikewana certifies campers using the nationally recognized CANSail program levels 1-4. Level 1 is for beginner sailors, level 2 is for intermediate sailors and levels 3 and 4 are for advanced sailors.

Canoe and Kayak
Camp Kitchikewana certifies campers in our canoe and kayak skills using the Ontario Recreational Canoe and Kayak Association (ORCKA) levels. For canoeing, traditional 2 week campers can achieve any of the ORCKA Basic Canoe Levels 1-4. Leadership 1 participants can obtain their Canadian Style Paddling Level 1-3. Two-week traditional campers can obtain their ORCKA Kayaking Levels A or B.

Other land-based skills offered:
Arts and Crafts
Campers will receive instruction on crafts such as paper mache, mask making, clay sculptures, paddle making, jewelry, sketching, and environmental arts.

Campers will participate in improv games, scriptwriting, stage blocking, costume design, voice projection and acting techniques. Drama skill campers will put on a performance for the rest of camp at the end of each session. Campers interested in musical theatre should sign up for our fourth session traditional camp.

Our guitar skills cater to all abilities, whether just learning to play for the first time or are an advanced player. As a group guitar skill participants will perform a song that the end of the
session at one of our nightly campfires.

Island Explores
Campers have the opportunity to explore all the amazing things the National Park has to offer, learning about the island’s wildlife, vegetation, wetlands and aboriginal history through a variety of fun activities. Campers will participate in snorkelling, archery, archeology, and hiking.

Other camp programs

Cooking Mud Monsters
Dance Water Games
Choir Gaga Ball
Drumming First Aid
Parks Canada Presentations Canoe & Hiking Trips
Tower Jumping Leadership Sessions
Stand Up Paddle Boarding Low Ropes
Chapel (non-denominational) Survival Skills
Camp Wide Games (capture the flag, theme games) Theme Weekends (Lumberman & Voyagers, Kitchikewana Olympics)
Campfire Evening Programs
Talent Show Cabin Choice
Power Play Free Time (Awesome Time)
Fitness Running
Beach Games Yoga
Sports (baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, etc)


All of our traditional two-week campers and leadership participants will take part in an overnight camping trip. Our one Waterbug Campers will participate in a lunch cookout hike.

• Waterbug camper will do their lunch hike to a local Beausoleil Island campsite
• Junior campers will do a one night overnight hike to a campsite on the island
• Intermediates will do a one night overnight canoe trip to McCrae Lake or to a further on island destination
• Seniors partake in a two-night canoe trip to McCrae Lake and the Musquash River
• Leadership participants take part in longer four to five-day canoe trips, traditionally Leadership 1 participants travel to Temagami and Leadership 2 participants do the Bala to Kitchikewana canoe trip.
• All trips are weather dependant and will be cancelled in the case of inclement weather. At times it may be too windy to paddle so canoe trips are changed to hiking trips.
• All junior, intermediate and senior overnight camping sites are within a 20-minute motorboat ride if there is ever a safety concern or need for an evacuation
• Each overnight canoe trip will have a certified ORCKA trip leader who carries their wilderness first aid certificate
• All trip staff have cell phone or GPS communication methods with camp

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