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Dr. Bill Bryant Memorial Fund

In memory of our great friend and Camp Kitchikewana Alumnus, Dr. Bill Bryant, some friends, colleagues and fellow campers have launched this memorial fund to support the much-needed enhancements to the 20-year-old medical centre and Bill’s beloved Camp Kitchikewana. lt is our hope that through collective efforts, we can honour our dear friend and ensure the Wellness Centre can undergo a major renovation that will serve the needs of medical professionals, Kitchikewana campers and staff, well into the future.¬† At this time, the plan is to renovate the loft to create additional patient isolation rooms, update the accessibility of the washroom, update electrical needs, improve the patient rooms, purchase new medical equipment, and improve the medical volunteer residence.
We invite you to learn more and make a gift to the campers, staff and volunteers of the future that pays tribute to Dr. Bill Bryant’s legacy.
To view the Dr. Bill Bryant Memorial Fund Celebration Summary, please click here.
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